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Many of the students had strong opinions as the method of study that works best for them, with distance learning programs of VU much supportive. VU based study “it gives real value for the money, quality materials and support, as well as flexibility: I can learn at my own pace and in my own time.
Some students of Virtual University says that they liked the way of distance learning doesn’t eat into office time. Especially now that employers are keeping an eye open to see which members of staff are demonstrating the greatest dedication. Mohammad Assad Nazi a Pakistani student who lives in Saudia Arabia, Says: Tuition classes requiring giving up work commitment s to attend lecture, I can accommodate studying into my daily routine and daily visit and check my vulms and gmail accounts and to interact with the others students.
However, not every one a fan of distance learning programs. Mr. Azeem Akhtar who is the student of MBA finance Finalist prefer to direct contact with the CD lecture of VU. He say’s that if he don’t understand certain topics form the text books, the lecturer might illustrate it with an interesting study or personal experience and I can also play the Lecture Video CD’s and catch up with certain parts that I can’t understand in text books.
Mr. Shoaib Also a finalist of MBA Study program points out that self study by distance learning is best augmented with supporting material, saying One month before the exam, I read the Past paper’s and note’s as well as the helping material uploaded on various sites.
With the advent of better technology, VULMS Account with the features of Quizzes, Assignments, and GDB Video recording lessons is emerging as growing trend in accountancy tuitions. By the VULMS features many students watch the Video Lectures related to their Subjects. Mr. Abdul Raheem is also a student of MCS course in VU Says I summaries a chapter watching on VU Sites and write the Key points on Note Pad and further condense my chapter summary in my Mind. He say’s Mind maps proving another popular way to retain revision material.

You can be as technically able as the best candidate but without he proper mental approach to your studies, an aptitude for figure work alone is unlikely to smooth the way to qualification. You have to make the studying process fun and exciting, find something that motivates you and think positively after all. What’s the point of entering the exam hall if you have already programmed you mind to fail? Once you are in that positive state o mind, try to vary the places in which you study, it can be refreshing to read by a lake , under a tree anything but your usual des, as it’s a breath of fresh air and change from your normal routine.

For many students, the concept of studying early in the morning before getting up and going to work is an abomination. What get out of bed to read my accounting text books? Yet more often than not, this is the time of day that presents the least distraction ,and to allows you to make the most of a brain refreshed after a good night’s sleep and not at the end of abuse day in the office. I have found that studying from 9AM to 3Pm is very invigorating. My brain is more likely to absorb, understand and retain different aspects of my study material. It is very convenient for me to study in those hours, and its quiet and conducive to learning.
Mr. Shahbaz Ahmad who is the student of MBA finance and working as an employee of GEPCO as an In-charge of Computer Section say’s that I have a wife and three kids, any my job covers all the computer section. He also tell that for me the best way of distance learning program is the best way of study is to wake about 5am to 8:30am read for just couple of hours. Then go to the office for work.
This is the some critical theme written by me shown through many of the answers that I reviewed from many students. Which has the importance of formulating the some form of study schedule and sticking to it? Decide the time table that best to suit you for studying other then you job timing if you have.

1. Work out what works best for you.
2. If you have already written the formulas try to explore the formula in free time.
3. Find the time of day when your powers of concentration and retention of information are at their height, and be self disciplined enough to put that time aside for more productive study.
4. Thin about where you study in home or in office
5. You could study you accommodate bite sized chunks of revision on the journey to work on your own way.
6. If you prefer to study late in to the evening do something relaxing before bed.
7. Watching TV, Playing Games, Walking, Chattering in Gathering etc.


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